The Energy Balancing Blog Page is up!


We are so happy to announce that from now on we are able to share more on ENERGY BALANCING with you right here!


Why we want to do that? Energy shapes our lives at every moment, but few of us understand how it works or how to use it to our advantage. Through this blog we want to help change that.


If you often

-    feel drained or depleted and would like to find ways to ‘survive’ better in your daily life

-    or you feel to some degree stuck and would like to free yourself out of that

-    or your life is already pretty good, but you know that YOU could BE more of your (true) Self

then this blog is right for you.


Behind ENERGY BALANCING is a team of co-authors (and a growing number of trainers and coaches!) that have collaborated to write the book “Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living”. It is a powerful and rich introduction to the world of energy that gives you a whole new take on reality. It includes 150 never-before-published illustrations of energy, and the 300 easy-to-read pages will open your eyes to what is REALLY going on in life, but has been invisible to you.. until now.


On this blog, co-author Christiane Becht will give bite-size pieces on how energy plays out in your daily life. The many articles to come will be filled with practical tips on what you can do ‘about it’ and ‘with it’ - whether negative influences that make you worry about how to survive and protect yourself, or whether you want to use energy to navigate yourself into a more successful, effective and happier life. There will be coming sections specifically on energy in business and in relationships, too!


If you’d like to discover more, subscribe to this blog. If you want to read a lot more right away, you can purchase the book Your Energy in Action! ‘Energy Balancing’ for Daily Living here:


Finally, it would be great to hear from you and what you would like to learn about energy and what you would like to improve in your life.


Leave a comment below, thank you!