How to Survive as a Highly Sensitive Person in Today’s World

Christiane Becht explains why life can be tough if you are a highly sensitive person and offers two techniques to make survival easier.


So many people who come to our Energy Balancing workshops tell us they need to learn how to protect themselves better as they find daily life quite overwhelming, depleting and draining.


Most of them would qualify as highly sensitive people (click here to find out whether you are highly sensitive). If you are a highly sensitive person struggling with living in this world, then you might find the following tips and hints helpful in understanding how to live your life, with all its encounters and happenings, whilst keeping your energy in a better state.


In fact, whether or not we consider ourselves to be highly sensitive, there will be times when we come across other people that violate our energy, or we find ourselves in a conversation or meeting that we find draining. So, even if you dont think of yourself as being a highly sensitive person, you can still use these techniques to protect yourself from those situations you find challenging or draining.


In all likelihood then, whether or not you are highly sensitive, you have experienced some sort of overwhelm at some time in your life. To read more about what this can feel like, click here.


Today I would like to give you a few hints on taking better care of your personal space - what we call your energy field or aura - that will help you cope better with daily life and the people around you.


Of course, there is a myriad of things to learn about taking care of your energy field, and learning it all is a life-long endeavor, so today I would like to draw your attention to the first two important elements of this kind of energy work that can help you survive better in daily life:


•      Protecting yourself

•      Cleansing yourself


1.    Protecting Yourself Energetically


As many of the people who attend our workshops say, ‘protecting oneself’ from unwanted energies is the first thing that comes to mind when you are highly sensitive.


There are a number of different techniques to protect yourself energetically, and you may already know some of them (this might be a good reminder to use them again).


In Energy Balancing, we look at the different types of violations that are happening (like aggression, manipulation, ‘energetic sucking’ etc.) and we teach techniques that are specific to each of these. There is a whole chapter on ‘violations’ in our book Your Energy in Action! ‘Energy Balancing’ for Daily Living if you want to read more on this enormous subject and I will also make sure to offer you some more of this content in future articles!


Here is a very simple energetic protection exercise you can try - it really works!


A practical exercise: Creating Your Energetic Protection Bubble


Imagine your energy field, your aura (which extends about one arm’s length around you, above and below you) is a “bubble” of energy that has a protection layer on the outside, just like a thin invisible wrap around your ‘personal bubble’. You can visualize a color along the boundaries of this bubble. Some people like to imagine blue as protection color, but any other color that you connect with power, love, healing or protection will do just as well. In Energy Balancing, where we ultimately want to come back to the realization of yourself as a ‘Golden Being’, we suggest you imagine this boundary as a beautiful golden-yellow layer of light. This bright light will naturally brush off some of the unwanted energies and keep them from entering your field while you go about your daily life. It will of course grow stronger if you can remind yourself of your protection bubble several times during your day!


Besides the protection bubble, the following exercise has become one of the most valuable practices in my ‘tool box’:


2. Cleansing Yourself Energetically


While it is great to learn how to protect yourself from the energetic impact of the things and the people around you, there is another secret that can help reduce the impact of outside influences on you that I myself use several times a day:


Cleansing yourself of stuffthat has entered your energy field


No matter how good your ‘protection bubble’, there are still vibes that will find a way to enter your energy field.


In Energy Balancing we say that thoughts, feelings and other people’s life energy (their ‘vibe’) is a substance that can be transferred to you.


You’ve probably experienced this when you have sat beside a depressed person for a while; it’s not long until you start feeling a little down as well. Or standing beside a nervous or aggressive person in the queue at the supermarket might begin to irritate you as well.


Behind this are two energy principles:


1 - “Energy is Substance” that says that our thoughts, feelings and our very life energy are a substance.




2 - “Energy Transference” - meaning this substance can be transferred between people, places and things.


So, to let go of all the energetic ‘stuff’ that you unconsciously pick up during your activities and encounters with other people, you can learn to regularly cleanse yourself energetically, to free yourself from vibes that are not yours - and even any of your own ‘stuff’  that you find unpleasant!


Here is a very simple but effective exercise that uses your imagination together with your breath as ‘cleansing devices’:


A Quick Breathing Visualization to Cleanse Your Energy Field:


  • As you breathe out, visualize any unpleasant energies (thoughts, feelings, body tensions) in your system streaming downwards into the ground. Imagine the earth absorbing and transforming them. Let go of everything you don’t need any more and release it downwards.
  • Now, as you breathe in, visualize bright light streaming down into you from above, filling your entire body and energy field. Imagine this new, fresh energy is nourishing you and cleaning out any unpleasant and old, stale energies that are no longer serving you.


You can also do this while you are taking a shower, imagining the water is a waterfall of light that cleanses not only your body but also your energy field - washing away all the tensions, negative thoughts and emotions and replacing it with refreshing bright light.


I use both of these simple exercises several times a day, and can only recommend that you try them too. Your life will feel a lot easier and lighter if you remember to do these two things regularly! You may find it hard at first but I promise you will become better and more effective over time.


Here is the best way to use them:


1.  Before you go anywhere, imagine your ‘protection bubble’ to protect yourself energetically.

2.  Whenever you leave a place, a meeting (or even a phone call), do the breathing visualizing to cleanse yourself energetically.


Of course, there is more to energy awareness than just these two tools. To become a master of your energy field and your boundaries is quite a journey!

There is more to discover about how you can maintain your boundaries efficiently while you remain open for the beauty of the world and its treasures!


And, ultimately, Energy Balancing teaches you how to radiate your very own energy - your very essence - out into the world and become a shining example of how life can be. In this state of ‘Golden Being’ you will remain a centered ‘beam of light’ despite what’s going on outside of you; you will radiate your power, love and joy without going overboard, and you will not be attractive to aggressors (or energy ‘vampires’) but instead, create more and more joyful meetings!


If this sounds good, or you simply want to learn more about how to better survive in daily life, I invite you to subscribe to this blog. I will offer more content on this subject in coming articles.


You can also buy our book Your Energy in Action! ‘Energy Balancing’ for Daily Living where we go into lots of detail about how you can protect yourself from unpleasant energies (‘violations’), cleanse your energy field from ‘stuff’ and how you can get and stay centered.


Finally, I would love to hear from you, read about your challenges and thoughts on how to survive in this world as highly sensitive person (or even as a ‘normally sensitive’ one). If you have a comment or question, please share it in the box below.


Christiane Becht

3rd October 2014



CHRISTIANE BECHT is a writer, international seminar leader, coach and teacher for Essence Training and the Energy Balancing Institute.


A native of Germany, she was a first league field hockey player and comes from a background in corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies like Kraft and Proctor & Gamble. When she was a CEO of her own marketing research company, Christiane first started to notice how the energy of rooms affected people. This observation drove her to embark on the study of Feng Shui, energy healing practices involving chakras and auras, spirituality, mediumship and psychology. In 2005, she became acquainted with Essence Training and Energy Balancing. Passionate about these unique methods, Christiane went on to develop Energy Balancing workshops and courses. After seeing the rapid, positive impact this work had on her clients, she and three of her colleagues went on to co-author the book Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living. In this work, Christiane brings her extensive practical experience in applying Energy Balancing to “real life” situations, along with her knowledge of how people quickly learn this simple and highly effective method, as a “fast track” catalyst to higher levels of living and personal transformation.