How to UPlift Yourself out of a Depressive Mood

Author Christiane Becht explains how changing the shape of your energy field makes you feel happier and brighter - with an esay 1-minute exercise to do so


We have all been there. We have all had those moments where we just feel low. Low in energy and low in mood.  

And this happens despite mindfulness work, positive affirmations you’ve done, a spiritual path you may be following and other beautiful practices you might know of. And, perhaps you are a naturally happy person. However, there are those moments when things just feel a bit heavy.


You then find yourself going back to old, ‘bad’ habits - maybe you are just not getting out of bed or off the couch when you feel you should, or you might be over-eating, scrolling around on Facebook or watching several series of that show you like. Or even worse, you run your own business and this is your workday! At any other time, you would be having great ideas about what you would do with this time - moving about, being creative, enjoying quality time.


However, right now, you just can’t seem to get things done. You know you could be highly productive or at least clean up, sort the bills for the tax report or change the burned out light bulb. There are plenty of things to do. But it just seems impossible to get yourself moving to do any of them. Also, every task looks like it will be a 15-hour job! And even more, you know that some would really only take 15 minutes to do! 

It all feels like there’s nothing you can do to get yourself going.


Well, there is something you can do about it! 

We call it ‘UPlifting your energy’ - literally! 

Why does this work? 

Your moods and slight depressions are energy. And “Energy is Substance” - at least the way we at Energy Balancing see it when we look at an energy field in and around the human body (also called the ‘aura’). Your low mood is energy hanging around at very low levels in your field. Your energy field then looks like an extremely bottom-heavy pear. 


This shape, with most of your energy in the lower areas, drags you down and makes you feel heavy. Here is an illustration of what that looks like - we call this a ‘blobby’ energy field: it looks like your typical couch potato.




This state means that there is hardly any energy left in your ‘higher compartments’, where the brighter moods, lighter thoughts, and a much more positive outlook are, and where there is more energy to get going with something. With Energy Balancing, you can move your energy up there. 


There is a simple way to do this. It has worked for so many people in our workshops, and I myself use it, just to uplift myself - as in a tired moment, e.g. after lunch, to get back to a creative piece of work.

Also, I clearly remember one participant from an Energy Balancing workshop who came back to me several months later to tell me that her life had completely changed since then. I was curious what had brought about that big shift in her, and I asked her, preparing myself mentally for a rather complex answer. To my great surprise she said: “Every morning, when I roll over and get out of bed, the very first thing I do is the UPlift exercise you showed us in the workshop. It has totally changed how I start my days, and my whole life has changed. I cannot tell you how grateful I am!”


So here is the exercise for you. 

If you can, it would be great to do it right here and now:



UPlifting Your Energy & Mood


1. Charge your hands with energy

Rub your palms together quickly, as though you are washing them with soap. Then hold them a few inches apart. Notice the energy flowing between them. 


2. Visualize the ‘blobby’ state of your energy field, hanging down around the bottom of your body. Take note of how you feel with your energy hanging down there. 


3. Set your intention 

Set the intention that with your ‘turned on’ hands, you will move the low hanging energy in your field to higher areas, and by doing so, you will raise your vibration and mood.

You may also want to use the affirmation, “My hands are powerful and they uplift my energy”.  


4. Move the energy with your hands

Bend over slightly, move your hands down into that lower area and connect with the energy there. Then scoop the energy up with your hands, moving upwards in your field in front of the body, along your legs, then hips, belly and heart, up to your head and beyond. 


5. Use your breath

Support the upward movement with a deep in-breath, and imagine that with your breath you are ‘sucking’ the energy upwards in your field. 

With the out-breath, let your arms relax and move back down.


6. Repeat the upward hand & breath movement three times

You can do this as often as you like, and as slow or as fast as you like. 


If you notice that going all the way up in one scoop does not work so well for you, then do it in two stages: start with lifting the energy from the low area to the level of your heart three times, and from there, carry on lifting your energy to the area above your head. Repeat this part three times. 


7. Take a moment to tune into changes

After you complete the upward movements, let your arms relax, return to your normal breathing, and check in with yourself. How do you feel now? 


Has anything changed for you? Maybe in your attitude, or emotionally? 

Many people report feeling lighter, that their minds are clearer, their perspective on life is brighter or that they even feel ready to go and do something!

It could also be a physical sensation in your body, e.g. feeling lighter and standing straighter. And, if a spiritual connection is part of your awareness, you might feel a better connection with your Higher Self now. 


If you have noticed something, you have experienced how ‘Energy lifts Consciousness’. Just by changing the energy state that you are in, you can positively change your state of being - on all levels, affecting all areas of life. What I love about Energy Balancing is that it is so easy, and you can do it anytime, anywhere! 


Of course, if you are suffering from depression or burnout, you might need medical treatment: please get that checked. (Google ‘burnout’ or ‘depression’ if you are wondering whether this is what you are dealing with! There is no need to try to ‘figure this out’ or to ‘get over it’ on your own - there are many great sources to help with this! I have been there, and I had to learn about it. It was the same for some coaching colleagues of mine as well, so don’t hesitate to find out more about it!)


And as always: even if you don’t notice much - or if you notice nothing at all - we always recommend you give it a try for a few times before you let it go. The effect of Energy Balancing movements becomes stronger and stronger over time, as ‘energy pathways’ are created in your energy field that become easier to travel along with each practice. The more frequently you practice, the greater your changes will be. 


In our book, Your Energy in Action, we go into a lot more detail on this in the ‘UP’ chapter, adding other upward movements and ‘Shifts in Consciousness’ such as ‘From Dependence to Empowerment’, ‘From Drama To Clarity’, or ‘From Personality to Wisdom’. 


I plan to add more posts on the ‘UP’ theme soon, as I find it so valuable, but if you don’t want to wait, you can look at the book and order it here


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Christiane Becht

14th December 2015






is a writer, international seminar leader, coach and teacher for Essence Training and the Energy Balancing Institute.


A native of Germany, she was a first league field hockey player and has a background in corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft and Proctor & Gamble. When she was a CEO of her own marketing research company, Christiane first started to notice how the energy of rooms affected people. This observation drove her to embark on the studies of Feng Shui, energy healing practices involving chakras and auras, spirituality, mediumship and psychology. In 2005, she became acquainted with Essence Training and Energy Balancing. Passionate about these unique methods, Christiane went on to develop Energy Balancing workshops and courses. After seeing the rapid, positive impact this work had on her clients, she and three of her colleagues went on to co-author the book Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living. Christiane brings her extensive practical experience in applying Energy Balancing to “real life” situations to this work, along with her knowledge of how people quickly learn this simple and highly effective method, which is a “fast track” catalyst to higher levels of living and personal transformation.