Amano Augart

I am working as an Apprentice Teacher within Essence Training and as an Energy Balancer and Trainer of the EBI. I am leading self-exploration  and meditation groups and offer sessions and coachings in Germany and Europe.


Quite early life lead me into situations where I began to ask myself who I am and what my purpose in live is. Searching for myself I met Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson and Essence Training. The following years I spent with deep self-exploration and professional trainings. And soon I started leading groups myself.


My path then guided me to India, where I lived and worked for several years in an international Ashram (OIMR), leading various groups and receiving further trainings. And most of all I gathered rich experiences for my life and work.


In my vision we meet each other as unique beings in the school of Life to unfold our potential as human beings.


cell: +49-(0)-173-286-7761

home: +49-(0)-30-52686494

Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: English, German
Services Offered:

Energy Balancing, "Your Energy in ACTION!"-Workshops, Meditation, Coachings.