Angelika Schmitt

Angelika Schmitt

Deep awareness within entire presence.

When I was a child my sensitivity was very special. I rediscovered this sensitivity and it is so fascinating for me to work with the energy body of living beings. I really love it and it enriches my life. As a coach and an energy-balance-teacher, I like to accompany others to find solutions for a better life.


The intense education in Traditionel Usui-Reiki and particularly in Essence Training gives me a deep understanding of my gift of sensitivity. I also have studied biology and to me, there is no discrepancy between this science and the new science of the World of Energy – the magic is everywhere.


As an energy trainer and as an inner work coach it is so satisfying to bring new insights.



Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: German
Services Offered:

Single coaching sessions for your energy body, in energy-balancing and in inner work, group training in energy-balancing, healing sessions with traditionel Usui-Reiki, meditation