Bettina Kern

Bettina Kern

Bettina is a certified coach, an energy coach, workshop leader and relaxation therapist. She is an expert in personal and professional change processes and provides practical know-how to individuals and self-employed/SMB. Her work provides holistic view of the person she works with.


"Many years ago I trudged thru the world with some kind of a 'cactus-energy '. I was almost 30 years old. Dissatisfied with my professional and my overall situation. I wasn’t in tune with my innermost being and I felt no inner peace or balance." What happened then…?


"I fortunately discovered the Essence-Training and learned about the world of Energy and Energy Balancing. My life has changed in many ways to the positive. Today I live in tune with myself, pursue professions that are fun, have a great circle of friends and an inner peace that makes me happy. This inner satisfaction is the state I desire for my clients."


Bettina offers workshops, individual coaching (also via Skype and telephone), speeches (also online) and success groups (also online). The former banker has a "second career" as an event manager in the IT industry and works as a Freelancer.



Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: English, German
Services Offered:

Workshops, Private Coaching-Sessions, Online/Phone Coaching & Speeches, Meditation and more