Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC)

Professional Certifications in the Inner Work School of Essence Training

Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC)


Dear Friends,

Essence Training is a Life School based upon our vision of happier people living in a more conscious and loving world. Our contribution towards reaching this goal is to teach a new way of conscious living based on energy. We provide a safe and supportive environment for personal exploration and inner transformation, where individuals can connect to their essence and become potent people of consciousness. 


During the seven basic modules you learn about chakras and energy and you undergo a deep personal transformation process. You gain many skills for fulfilled living and relating. These skills can form the basis for working with others. 


For people who would like to use these skills as a profession, we have created the Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC). This certification can provide a new career or can be for use in your existing work and home environment. 


With the EBC you will be able to help people gain more relaxation, vitality, centeredness and awareness in their lives. With these skills you can:


  • Evaluate the energy state of a person
  • Align and balance the energy field and the chakras
  • Help people understand themselves - the state of their chakras and how this invisible world is influencing their life
  • Teach people to control and manage their energies


To qualify for the EBC you will need to participate in the seven Essence Training Basic Program modules and complete some additional learning outside the modules, which includes giving and receiving sessions and supervision with Margaretha Bessel. During the modules we will be providing additional materials, understandings and skills that form the basis for the Energy Balancing Certification. 


Contact for participation in the EBC, personal sessions and group-supervisions:


Margaretha Bessel

Dean of Inner Work School and Energy Balancing Institute

Senior Teacher of Essence Training, Director of the EBC


60493 Frankfurt- Heddernheim (U1 and U3, stop „Zeilweg“)

Home: 069-978 40 225 (AB), Mobile: 0177-78 40 225

Mail to: [email protected]


Prerequisites for receiving an Energy Balancing Certification Diploma:


  1. Participation in 6 group-sessions (3 hours) with Margaretha: ABC of an EB-session, building of a “safe” container, supervision while giving EB-sessions, teachings on specific challenges of each of the chakras and on certain types of clients and psychological structures, learning how to communicate well, support for the next step as a Energy Balancer, etc.


  1. 6 individual coaching sessions with Margaretha (in person or via skype): individual support for your personal situation, looking at that situation from an energy perspective and finding tools to take next step with that.


  1. Participation in 4 Telefon-Conferences with Kabir or Ritama, learning and receiving Energy diagnostics and applying Energy tools via the phone or Skype.


  1. Giving and documenting 48 Energy Balancing sessions.


  1. Receiving 12 EB sessions from co-students of the EBC-program.


  1. Keeping a Self-Process-Diary for daily self-reflection.


  1. Daily ½-hour meditation.


  1. Participation in the Essence Training Basic Program with 7 modules (each 5 days). More information at