Julia Ehrmann

Julia Ehrmann

I began asking myself the "big" questions early in my life - and I read each and every book that seemed to be able to give me answers an insights.


As a teenager  I was engulfed in a life crisis, that went on for many years,  and so I had to now do practical what before had just been knowledge.


I gathered experience in the field of psychology, shamanism and spirituality and learned to teach yoga.


But my personal breakthrough came with essence-training with Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson, where I also came in  contact with energy-balancing.


Since then the world of energy is part of my daily life.


It is fascinating to see  the  understanding  of myself and life itself expanding with this knowledge - and how much joy and growth it brings!


Supporting other people unlocking their potential and discovering the magic and beauty of our being gives me great pleasure!



Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: German
Services Offered:

Energy Balancing, Energy Coaching, Meditation and Yoga