Kabir Jaffe

Kabir Jaffe

Kabir is an American who has spent the past 40 years involved in inner work, 18 of which were spent in an Ashram in India living with the Indian Mystic Osho exploring the Mystic traditions and meditation. He is a psychologist with extensive training in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, an astrologer, and the founder of Essence Training and the International University of Consciousness and Inner Sciences.

Kabir is a scientist of consciousness, a visionary and a futurist. He has pioneered a new body of knowledge on human nature, the Science of Human Potential, that is a synthesis of psychology, spirituality and the energy sciences. His work has been heralded by psychologists, spiritual leaders and educators as a truly inclusive understanding of the relationship between the body, mind, energy and the soul, and has been called ‘the psychology of the future’, ‘the new spirituality’, and ‘the science of spirituality’.


What makes this work unique is that it is both a comprehensive theory of human nature and an immanently practical methodology for personal development. It puts into the individuals hands tools that can be immediately applied to change one’s life, and it opens up a whole new way of living.


Kabir is a guide for people on the path of inner development, as well as a trainer of professionals for working with others. He brings a loving heart, clear insight and an empowering way of interacting with others that creates trust, confidence and inspiration.


Though Kabir is involved in ‘serious’ inner development, he is also vitally alive and playful, and he brings this spirit to inner work.  He is an avid kiteboarder, windsurfer and scuba diver, and spends much time by the sea.



Country: United States
Languages Spoken: English
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