Manuel Ehrmann

Manuel Ehrmann

I lived an ordinary life almost my whole life. I went to school, was trained as a craftsman, studied mechanical engineering and now work for some years as an engineer. With my friends I had many parties - a good, solid life!


And yet I was missing something. Something I use to know but lost it somehow. The 'more' in life!


At the age of 28 I started my quest for this 'more' in life. My first try was Essence-Training - a direct hit! There I got to know the world of energy. This world felt familiar right from the start. There I found the 'more' I was looking for but also I found myself!


Working through Essence-Training I got in touch with Energy-Balancing which now is part of my daily life.


It's a great pleasure to support people with Energy-Balancing and share my experiences and knowledge.


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Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: German
Services Offered:


Energy Balancing, Energy Coaching and Meditation