Ritama Davidson

Ritama Davidson

Ritama was born in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean and spent her teenage years in Europe. She graduated from the Theater School in Amsterdam in modern dance and choreography and worked as a professional dancer and choreographer. She later studied Shiatsu with Ohashi in New York and graduated from the Florida School of Massage. She was in private practice for 15 years as a body-oriented therapist. Her later studies include extensive training in energy and chakra work and in humanistic and transpersonal therapy and group work.

Ritama has been involved in practices of meditation and spirituality since 1979. She has been leading groups together with Kabir in North and South America and in Europe for the past 18 years and is the co-founder of Essence Training.

Ritama is a gifted energy sensitive, teacher, personal guide and seminar leader. Her unusual energy-reading abilities allow her to precisely understand the inner process of the people she is working with and provide highly detailed and accurate guidance. In addition to her sensitivity she brings a courageous and passionate spirit to inner work, lovingly challenging participants to come into their energy, power and truth.

Ritama has been a lifelong student of the relationship between the body and consciousness, and carries a wealth of knowledge on diet, movement, health care and healing. She combines this understanding with her knowledge of energy to offer guidance on healing both body and psyche.

Ritama brings to inner work a passionate, courageous and playful spirit. She is an avid kiteboarder and can often be found soaring gracefully above the waves.



Country: United States
Languages Spoken: English
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