Vera Schäfer

Vera Schäfer

Experienced by Essence Training! With 14 modules, the Energy Balancing Certificate and the Groupleader Training I started not only my own meditation groups, but also a continuous feeling of growth and presence.

When I was 4 , my mother asked: "What are you doing? You want to improve the world, or what?" My answer was clearly "YES". 30 years later I set out on the path: after many seminars with various techniques I met a teacher of wisdom, who - through his work with heart initiations - created insightful and magical moments in my life.... "Energy Balancing" became the magic word for improving the world!

To share this with other people is just incredible. If you also want to enchant the world, then you are absolutely at the right spot here. And first of all: Cordially Welcome!


06103 / 53821

Country: Germany
Languages Spoken: German
Services Offered:

Meditation monthly every last thursday from 19:30 - 21:00 (for further information and registration, please contact me)