Wolfgang Schaub

Wolfgang Schaub

As a trained sports scientist, I learned to believe only what is measurable. In 1999 I met my future instructor who was blessed with a high degree of love, wisdom and clairvoyance. She initiated me
into the world of energy work and systemic work. I was deeply impressed by alternative perspectives
and amazed at the effectiveness of non-conventional medical therapies. Since then I know that the
essential things are not measurable but tangible. When I, out of nowhere, fell into a veritable life
crisis I first heard of the philosophy of the Essence Training. I was fascinated by language and form of
this teaching material. It seemed as if a door opened, showing me an ancient and long-known body
of knowledge to me. Through the work during the program I could gradually recognize and release
disastrous patterns of my family history. It gives me great joy to follow my inner truth and to discover
myself more and more. I can now add the Energy Balancing as a wonderful tool to my extensive
repertoire of treatment methods that I would like to share with interested people. More details on
my website: www.kinesiologie-on-park.de


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