Become an Energy Balancer

Improve your life in an instant: Energy Balancing!'Quick, Simple & Effective' and 'Your Energy in Action!' offer immediately applicable solutions for your challenges

Find new solutions and use energy!

Energy Balancing consciously works with the energy field and its energy streams and changes their state. It is a powerful tool in dealing with yourself and in relationships with others. In Quick-Simple-Effective-Workshops you are working on a specific topic in a short time-span, so  you can find proof of the effectiveness of energy work.

You can also right away start to put your energies into ACTION with intensive EBY workshops - live or now also as e-Learning online. The next step (EBO) is to apply EB-tools you profited off yourself to others - whether at home, at work, with family or friends. And with further practice, you could be directing your own Q-S-E workshops!


If working with energy is really calling you, you can also enter directly the professional Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC). Whether you would like to give individual sessions, lead groups or just develop more energetic skills - these trainings enrich you and give you the gift of being able to really make a difference!

Education Path within the Energy Balancing Institute

Area of Study

Work with the Human Energy Field

Quick, Simple & Effective (QSE)
Use Energy Balancing‘s magic keys for specific issues like: stress reduction, relationship, purpose and joy, higher efficiancy.
EB for You (EBY)
Apply Energy Balancing to yourself. Work directly on your own field. Learn to use energy in daily life situations.
EB with Others (EBO)
Learn to give a simple Energy Balancing Basic Session and to work with the Energy field of another.
Teach EB Basics (EBB)
Learn to lead Quick, Simple and Effective Workshops and teach basic EBFY-tools.
Courses offered

Start anytime

Quick, Simple & Effective 1-2 hrs

Start anytime

Your Energy in Action! 2 days

Your Consciousness

in Action!

2 days
Master your Energy! online
Energy Balancing Basic 1 2 days
Energy Balancing Basic 2 2 days
Lead Quick, Simple & Effective 3 days
Your Higher Connection 3 days

Energy Balancing Coach!

Take the content of “Energy Balancing for You” and "Energy Balancing with Others" courses and add other material including:


  • Supervision
  • Giving and receiving sessions
  • Readings
  • and more

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Work with the Chakras

Energy Psychology
This begins the deeper inner personal transformation work that occurs through the chakras as well as through advanced training in Energy Balancing.


EB Certification (EBC)
Take yourself and your client deeper into Energy Work and become a certified Energy Balancing Trainer.
Train the Trainer (TTT)
Learn to lead and teach the comprehensive Level 2 (EBY) and Level 3 (EBO) Workshops yourself.

Start anytime via Essence Training Academy

Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC) 2.5 years

Learn to Lead

Level 2 “YEIA” course 1 3 days
Level 2 “YCIA” course 2 3 days
Level 3 “EBB” Workshop 1 and 2 3 days
Specialty Workshops, created by EBI Trainer

Become a Coach within Energy Balancing Institute

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Become a Trainer within Energy Balancing Institute

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