The BOOK: Your Energy in Action - Energy Balancing for daily living

An Introduction into
The Incredible World of Energy

Every once in a while a book comes along that redefines how we see the world and radically, irrevocably opens up a new way of thinking and living


This book does that – and more!

  • It reveals a whole new dimension of life
  • It explains why we relate and act the ways we do
  • It puts in our hands Energy Balancing, an incredibly powerful yet simple tool that everyone can use in normal situations to make things work better


This book portrays what’s really going on when:

  • We use words like “vibes” or “chemistry”
  • When we say someone is open or closed
  • When we feel sucked out by a situation or enlivened by another


We’re not just imagining things – we’re picking up on the subtle world of powerful energies that compose us and flow between us and the world around.


Your Energy in Action! applies the understandings of Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, and Energy Psychology in a significantly new way - to “Energy for Living”. It shows how energy is playing out in EVERYTHING we do; every thought, every act, and every interaction with others – all day and every day.

  • What happens when we speak to another person
  • Why we are sometimes centered and sometimes not
  • How we use energy in relating with others, constructively and often destructively


The new Science of Energy Balancing provides powerful energy tools you
can use to bring your energies in balance and create your life to be more effective and loving.