Kabir Jaffe

Founder of Essence Training, Energy Balancing and The Science of Human Potential

Kabir is a leader in the New Consciousness movement and a pioneer of the Science of Human Potential. He describes himself as “a man with two wings”, a mystic and visionary on one wing, and a psychologist and scientist on the other. His life’s work has been the study of Energy and the Awakening of Consciousness.

Ritama Davidson

Co-founder of Essence Training, Energy Balancing and The Science of Human Potential

Ritama is a gifted energy reader, teacher, personal guide and seminar leader. Her unusual energy-reading abilities allow her to precisely see the inner process of the person she is working with and provide highly detailed and accurate guidance. Ritama has been a lifelong student of the relationship between the body and consciousness, having been a professional dancer, choreographer, shiatsu- and massage therapist, and carries a wealth of knowledge on diet, movement, health and healing.

Margaretha Bessel

Dean of the Energy Balancing Institute (EBI) and Dean of Inner Work School
Senior Teacher at Essence Training

Margaretha is the Dean of the Essence Training Inner Work School, as well as the Director of the Energy Balancing Certification Program. Not only is she an accomplished Energy Therapist and international seminar leader in demand, she is also a renowned professional singer, performer and voice-therapist in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She has developed a new form of training singers -’Free your Voice & Sing your Song’ – based on energy work with functional voice training. More on www.Margaretha-Bessel.de and on YouTube.

The Energy Balancing Institute

The Energy Balancing Institute has been recently started as a branch of Essence Training to offer programs specializing in Energy and to bring Energy to the wider public.

Essence Training Inner Work School

For the past 17 years Energy Balancing has been exhaustively put through its paces with many thousands of people in the Essence Training Inner Work School. Essence Training is a 5-year study in Energy and Inner Work and is one of the most intensive self-development training programs available today (www.essencetraining.com).