The Belly Chakra - Level II

The Belly Chakra - Level II

Master the Rollercoaster of Feelings

Healing the Past – Joy and emotional Health 


“Without deep work on the 2nd chakra (belly) healthy
relationships and spiritual maturity are nearly impossible.”
Because of wounds we carry from our upbringing in our families, our relationships today are rarely fulfilling. We lose ourselves in a tangle of dependencies, reactions and misunderstandings. Our partners become a projection screen based upon incomplete issues from our past. No wonder relationships are so difficult! 


In this module we take a major step in healing emotional baggage and finding a new freedom for our feelings and a freedom from our feelings. To do this you explore:

  • Your family of origin – what was really going on in your family and how it affected you - both on the obvious outer level and the subtle energetic level
  • Breaking the chain of your unwanted family heritage as it has been passed from parent to child down the centuries, giving both you and your children a fresh start
  • Understanding and clearing the burden of emotional tensions you are carrying
  • Working with your inner child. Learning to listen to it and to look at how it is influencing your life 
  • Working with the maternal instincts. This is essential work for women to understand how these forces are operating in your life. And for men, this work is more important than you might realize because of the effect that your mothers had on you and the affect that women continue to have on you.
  • Cording and connecting. Transforming unhealthy energetic cords that come from our belly and create dependency, attachment, control and disturbance in relating into positive linking that creates connection, intimacy, exchange and warmth


In this module we will use process work, meditation, bodywork, family constellations from the energy perspective, and personal energy diagnosis. Though this work with the emotions is not often thought of as ‘spiritual’, it is our experience that a mature spiritual consciousness is only possible when you have a healthy and stabilized emotional body.


As the emotions clear and the 2nd chakra heals, there opens in the belly the Essence qualities of joy, play, warmth and connectedness. We find a new inner peace and fulfillment, and the deeper power of the belly opens to give us a new strength and solidity. 

Seminar Leader

Start Date: 28-Feb-2018
End Date: 04-Mar-2018
Country: Germany


No prerequisites. Frankfurter Ring offers reduced seminar fee for early registration!

Event Time: 9 am to 6 pm-
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